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Understand Cognosco in action

Check out the information below to better understand how the Cognosco solution can be implemented into real world scenarios. The possibilities are endless. 


Imagine being able to sign up your customers online at home with nothing more to do onsite, or enrolment on a self-service kiosk in your foyer. Completely biometric meaning no more swapping access codes or lending your friends your key card. With Cognosco you can be sure that the person entering your site is the person your signed up. 


Using our solution you can be certain of the people who are in your gym. Rest assured every time someone enters they're face and details have been checked securely and efficiently. You'll know who has come in and, with additional exit cameras, you'll know just who has left again. Giving you a full manifest of the people in the building, whenever you need it.

Secure Access

Tired of constantly having to buy new key cards because staff have damaged or lost them? Annoying having to update them constantly because staff are moving departments? With Cognosco and facial recognition you can easily assign staff members correct privileges with the knowledge they're not going to lose their pass. 


The Cognosco solution allows you the ability to efficiently respond to new requests to change accesses, quick and easy methods to add new staff accounts. You can also have peace of mind that no unauthorised access is happening because someone borrowed a colleague's pass. And all of this comes with the satisfaction you're using one of the most secure systems along with one of the most sophisticated products.

Car Insurance

We all know that cars are getting smarter, and insurance is getting easier. But what if we said you could combine the two? With Cognosco, you can.

Imagine getting into a car and it starts up automatically because it recognises your face. It could also set your seat and heating preferences and allow you to drive off because it's used Cognosco to check if you're insured to drive it.


Until now insurance companies have not been able to guarantee that the person driving is the person insured for any specific vehicle. Well now we're saying you can. With Cognosco and a few additional extras you can make that a reality. A smarter car that checks to make sure the driver is insured before allowing you to make your way.

Airport Security

Our Cognosco solution can be utilised in a number of areas around the airport environment, such as simplifying baggage drop-off. Our system can be used to improve accessibility and in light of recent events reducing the frequency of touch points can be very helpful.


Cognosco gives you the comfort in knowing where your customers are, knowing if they've left the lounge yet, or if they've made it through boarder control. You can enrol them before hand to speed up their experience and you can remove their information once they've left your airport. The options are in your hands.

The Cognosco service can work as a standalone product or be integrated to work alongside other products from the iPassport team. For more information please visit our websites.