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Cognosco is a new stand-alone software solution brought to you by the people at iPassport. At it’s very heart it provides an identity management service with the added bonus of seamless integration and customisation options from start to finish.

Discover what Cognosco can do for you today.


What we do for you.

Cognosco is an on-premise private identification service using facial recognition, document storage and a web management tool. It can be fully customised through branding and optional extras but remains powered by Cognosco and runs locally on-site. Individual users can be enrolled either locally or remotely. Their details will be registered and held for a duration of your choice, and when you don't need the information anymore the system simply deletes it for you. 

Whilst ease of use is a priority of ours, we recognise that your company may have other  requirements of its own regarding what makes up the perfect biometrics platform. So, in keeping with the fluid and ever-changing nature of technology, we have made a commitment to remain vendor agnostic, enabling the integration of any vendor or biometric modality to suit the needs of your business.


How you can use it.

Cognosco is an on-site identity service that can be downloaded directly via our website. Once purchased, the SDK can be integrated into your pre-existing application, or accompanied by an industry specific application built to suit your business's needs. 

Alongside full integration we can also provide you with enrolment/verification applications which can be fully branded to meet your specifications. 

Need an example? Here's how this system could be easily installed and use for membership entry into your gym. 

  1. A new member would enrol either online or via the on-site kiosk, during which they would be asked to supply an image of their face. 
  2. Their image and associated membership package would then be stored on a local database, hosted on the gyms server.
  3. When approaching the gym entrance, the member would then be asked to look into a camera placed above the entry point, where it would identify them, and either allow or deny access to the gym.

Why you should choose Cognosco.

Cognosco is providing the building blocks for a safer, more reliable and more efficient business by providing the immediate ability for biometric integration. We believe that biometrics and more so facial recognition is the future and have developed a platform that enables anybody, with any level of technical expertise, to utilise the capabilities of biometric technology. By using Cognosco, you are equipping your business with the security of the future technology that can adapt to your needs.

Of course, at Cognosco we recognise and share the concerns surrounding security and accessibility of information and data. So we've taken all the best measures to ensure that any data stored within your Cognosco is stored for as long as you need it, and what's more, it's solely accessible to your business. Leaving us to focus on delivering you the best service possible.

The Cognosco service can work as a standalone product or be integrated to work alongside other products from the iPassport team. For more information please visit our websites.